Friday, January 1, 2010

The Last and First Day

So here I am on the last day. Doesn’t really feel like leaving but it is. I will wish I were one with you again. But life moves me along on this first day of the new year.

Jyoti: I thank you for taking me on. I remember calling to ask about joining, fully expecting a rejection yet you were welcoming and casual. I knew at once that I could write. I thank you for assuming that if I placed the call I must be a writer. What a concept for opening to the writer within. I love that. You are Mother Bear to your writers; protective and hungry for us to do more.

Patricia: Ahhh… the Southern Voice of our group yet Boulder to the core. I love your quiet patience. I love the way you look when you listen to our readings. I wait to hear what you will say because it will come in that soft Southern writer’s voice full of windows to a world that I want more of. You have a magical ability to write like the beauty and movement of your body. Lovely. You are a big wow like the evening star shining in the constellation of our group.

Annette: sunshine and sparkle. You can walk in stressed to your bones, drinking coffee and still you sparkle. There will be a smile on your face no matter what. That is a talent I wish I could develop. I love your easy writing style, your humor. My all time favorite piece is your 12 year old diary; “we saw our first hippies…” a young Annette; curious even then about the world. You give out a sense that all will turn out well. You choose happiness.The world needs more of you.

Prema: The poet full of grace and humor. I wait for your NYC childhood stories. I dreamed of girls like you when I was young. You bring a long experience of spiritual life slipping in bits of wisdom. I hold a vision of you walking through the woods, pockets filled with treats for the trees, birds, animals and a mob of small children following along behind. You have a sunny spot in mind for a lazy picnic where you will enchant the company with your stories. You are the universal Grandmother.

Terra. I never expected to meet a human manifestation of our Mother Earth. You are She. Your words are so familiar that I think I’ve heard them in another time and place. There is magic in how you give voice to that which has no voice, like a tree growing silently over eons. I am fortunate to know you. You are the Great Mother.

Take care. Be well and happy.


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A Week's Worth of Women said...

I am going to play with the "stress" part, but i want to thank you for the marvelous writing experience these past few years and for this thoughtful tribute. I am excited to hear about your new adventures as they unfold !! Whoo Hooo !!