Monday, January 25, 2010

A Spiritual Experience

I sat among the scrub oaks in the Jersey woods. It was midday on a sunny, Fall day and I had just come from saying hello to a couple who lived in a log cabin at the end of the paved road. I was deciding whether to head down the sandy path to my tent, set deeper into the forest, or whether to bike over to the Island and walk the beaches.
As I sat there hidden from view and breathing into the day, I felt a presence behind me. I didn’t jump up to look, but searched with my inner eye as to what I needed to see and know. I felt the slightest pressure on my shoulders and, in my mind’s eye, I saw Christ standing behind me with his hands there.
I was filled to overflowing with a deep loving, knowing that everything in that moment was okay, was perfect. That I was okay and deeply loved was communicated as well. I felt that love penetrate into my cells, into my heart. The tears, streaming down my cheeks, cleaned away a lot of the self-doubt and loneliness aftermath of the marriage’s end and gave me renewed hope to continue.
After a few minutes, I rose, wiped the tears away, and sent a silent prayer of gratitude for the experience.

This happened over thirty years ago and still is a vivid memory.

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