Thursday, January 7, 2010


Life at the beginning is so much fun. New car. New book. New romance. New Year.

With my love for my little farm and my sweet horse it is probably no surprise that I would rather shop at my local farm supply store than at Macy’s. But some of my friends just smile tolerantly as I proclaim my passion for shopping at office supply stores. I love them. I am rather technologically challenged, it is true; but I did enjoy setting with a friend the other day as he showed me his i-phone and dozens of “app’s” that allow him to do all kinds of far out things as we sat waiting for lunch to be delivered. I am happy for him, but I am not there yet. What if I was brave enough to get one and then I lost it? I am terrified of what would happen to my life if everything I needed to know and remember was in one small hand held devise. It makes me panic and my blood run cold. (speaking of cold it was -18* here this morning when I went out to do chores ~ brrrrr!!!!)

At the beginning of every year I perform the ritual shared by folks like me ~ the challenged ones ~ of transferring all the important dates and birthdays over to my new wall calendar. And there is something so esoterically satisfying about a brand new day-timer. It lies there opened to fresh clean pages, just waiting to receive my vision for each and every day; so full of potential!! Plus I have a large, flat desk pad calendar in my office, with large open blocks of time that I can scan with a quick glance and stay on top of my game, well, that’s the plan anyway. The cover page is often filled with doodles and random phone numbers and details of conversations that have transpired. But the last day of every month I can rip off that page and start anew.
I love that !!!!

I go one step farther to ease gently and gracefully into each and every new year. I sat down January 1st with my personal and my business check book and wrote “2010” on each clean check. By the time I have worked my way through that book of checks, I am more secure in the new year and can usually trust myself to write in the date correct most of the time. It is simple, like me I suppose. Just trying to make my life easier.

* annette

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