Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Unraveling of the Blanket of Lies

The unraveling of the blanket of lies starts with a little tug and soon the carefully woven tapestry of our collective make-believe, begins to get a little threadbare. However, our innate wish and draw to come home to unmitigated Truth, keeps us tugging, just a little bit more and then, pretty soon a tiny hole appears in the fabric.

We can peer through this miniscule hole and another vista is revealed before us. It resonates in our consciousness and we want to see more. Since we have accustomed ourselves to the adventure and violence culture du jour, what we see may seem foreign to us and even challenging. Our eyes must become adjusted to the light of Truth. Now this Truth may not always be comfortable or pretty. Much is revealed that we would rather not see, both in ourselves and what we project into the world. In taking responsibility for what we have created in our stories, we have the power to write a different story, weave a different pattern into the tapestry. But seeing through the lies, excuses, justifications, and fabrications, is the necessary beginning.

How do we open that tiny hole to let light shine through? First comes the question bubbling up from within, “Is there something more that I am not aware of?” There is the initial tug. Then , with persistence, the blanket of lies become undone. Those that cover themselves in this blanket will fight to the death and beyond to keep us unaware that there is a blanket and that we can take it off. They (we) fear exposure more than anything and so, they pile more and more blankets on top of coverings until the Truth is deeply buried in obfuscation.

We have a work to do. As we bring that tiny ray of light into our bodies, minds and hearts, we must be strong and courageous to hold on steadfastly as the hole increases and illumination fills the consciousness of our world. It is up to each of us individually to take that thread and begin to pull.

Prema Rose

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