Thursday, December 31, 2009

“Once in a Blue Moon”

I distinctly remember waking up on 01-01-00 and immediately searching for the light on my alarm clock. I had got caught up in, but not frantically lost in, the fear of the digital world coming to an end ~ changing all life as we knew it. But I can’t really remember what my next feeling was. Relief? Dismay? There is no doubt about it, I was tentatively looking forward to a change that might really shake things up and point us, as a human species, in a new direction. But it was not to be ….. not at that time.

I am now trying to remember where I was on 01-01-01. I have been playing all week with tumbling the digits around: 01-01-01 vs. 01-01-10. It feels like there might be something important to note here, and if there is, I don’t want to miss it !?!?! I remember sitting in the hot tub with a friend of mine about ten years ago, discussing the lack of professional athletes as “really good” mentors for our children. We decided that the word for the decade should be “Accountability”. Wow, what a concept. I have thought about our conversation so many times through the years. Be accountable, quit making stupid excuses. We all screw up, but it is what we do next that more determines our character. I have been trying to live it and believe me it is not always easy.

On the morning news earlier this week, national economists were calling the last 10 years “the Lost Decade”. And there is no doubt about it, it has been very difficult for many people; some lost their retirement, some lost their homes, others lost their faith.
But I don’t want us to be lost. I want Americans to wake up and become the people that we can be, more self sufficient, not so gullible. And I am certainly not talking about taking up arms and buying ammunition. I am talking about thinking BEFORE we act and then being responsible for the outcome.

So, on this morning of the New Years Eve, what many consider the last day of this decade, take heart. It is a Full Moon, a Blue Moon, as well as a Lunar Eclipse at 12:13 MST; a powerful day. But every day is powerful. Dream your future. Take a deep breath. Remember those people that you would most like to emulate and give thanks for having them in your lives. It is our time ~ we are the leaders we have been waiting for.

And I do believe that having a strong community of friends and family is what will carry us through the hard and difficult times, as well as making the joy and prosperity sweeter !!!!
It always has.
I wish you an outrageously prosperous New Year ~ the best year ever.
And I give thanks for all of my friends.

* annette

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