Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Message: Note to Self

Writing Prompt ~ Pretend you are your future self and you have come to tell your present self something she needs to know. What is it?

My dear sweet Annette, I want you to know that it all works out splendidly.
Love does conquer darkness.

Relax, you DO have all the time that you need.

Yes, excitement does feel a lot like anxiety: your cheeks blush, your thoughts are enflamed with possibilities, your pulse races and the heart beats wildly.
It is a crazy thing! Enjoy!

Please, learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is a wise thing.

Love springs from within and spreads beyond the physical body.
Love glows ~ fear festers and is stinky.
Panic is flamed by the un-know-ing-ness of that which is outside of self.
But remember,Our deep core center knows all truth.

Reclaiming our love of self can be practiced and will grow stronger and deeper every day.
You are marvelously worthy and everything is, and will be, all right.

With Love, Forever and Ever
* annette

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