Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Appreciating Health

A friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while, asked, “How is your energy compared to a year ago?”

She caught me on a very good day. Thinking deeply, I realized I felt about the same. An upliftedness that felt good.

How often do we take our health for granted, more often if we are under 50.

Remembering back to five, there were times of running, jumping, rolling down hillsides with wild onion smells all around. Never once considering how we felt unless there was a skinned knee or earache. We were in full form, carrying on life as there were no tomorrow. That’s living in the moment.

As we age, we may come into an unhealthy menstrual cycle. Some lucky young women avoided this. Maybe especially if they were more physical. Then there was a time our health may become more serious. Nothing we ever suspected. An accident, although I don’t believe in accidents. I believe they are crises, to make us look at what we’re ignoring, as in my case, a lesson to be learned, as all sicknesses and crises are.

So when you have a good day, it’s threaded with gold. You want the thread to stay unbroken, but some days that’s impossible. When it isn’t, you hold onto the threaded light and let is spread, letting it expand as much as possible. Then some days, you just let go and just let it take you over, know it will come back and you will experience that glorious health year that is all in our inherent comfort.


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