Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prompt: Circles/Jyoti

Circles I
Circles within circles
some of light
some of dark
twining, rippling,
lines coming
from cosmic sources,
others of human mind
colliding, grappling enforcing,
to be rebuilt with beauty
and light.
Ever widening circles
of truth,
my truth
your truth
the truth
all available
in the Cosmic circles
we call our lives.

Circles II
Circles of friends,
circles of people
I’d rather not
fit into.
Circles of behavior
over and over
need different choices
to set in motion
new circles of ideas,
new circles of results.

Circles III
Circles within circles,
families, friends,
religions, cultures,
races, countries,
how these perimeters
lock us in,
block others out,
other circles
than our own.

Circles IV
Circling around,
I look for the silver lining,
I look for the truth
of any circle
I step into.
I’m circling light
like Earth is
circling the Sun.
It is my warmth
and my focus.
Circling light.

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