Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Ocean Air

It can be a sunny day with the ocean’s color a blue-green sparkle or it can be overcast and gray with the waves dark and menacing. As the water moves, a breeze makes its way to my face laden with salty, mineral smells, refreshing my skin, reminding me to breathe more deeply. I’ll walk along the water’s edge, wavelets gently lapping my toes or ankles, stooping for treasures I spot before the next mix of water and sand comes bounding up again, or covering my treasure with silty mirage.

The wind off the water seems to remind me of the limitless possibilities of the endless horizon I gaze at as I turn full face to the ocean and her edges where she meets the sky. I breathe in deeply and feel transported from the smell of shore town to a larger, global awareness as I inhale the scents and energies of the Earth’s waters.

It’s sweet, aromatic, filled with ions and energetic particles that dance down my throat and enliven me, perk up my physical energy and soon have me running along the ocean’s edge. I love visiting the shore and breathing in her air, scented and full of life.

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