Saturday, January 16, 2010

Synchronicity As Magical Process

During the seventies especially, the synchronicity of events always felt like magic. How did the Universe know I needed just that place to live? How funny that a friend dropped off a book I had read years earlier, but had woken up that morning with a yen to read it again?

Over and over, it happened. Sometimes I could almost time it. Twenty minutes…that one I called instant karma. Other times, it could take days or not happen at all.

Was it because I was living in the moment, or was it because I was high most of the time? Or was it because I believed it could happen and it did? Or was it also the Uranus/Pluto aspect making itself known?

I think it was a combination of all of these, and possibly other ingredients as well. Yet it showed me how desire and fulfillment are contained in the same moment.

Like in Astrology…there are Horary charts that are drawn up for the exact moment a question is asked. It is believed that in the moment a questions is posed, the answer is contained there as well.

I still see synchronicity in my life, but not in the continuous flow it was at that time. The magic, when it does show up now, keeps my sense of trust alive.


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