Monday, January 4, 2010

Angel Turtle

Maybe it’s the feeling of being an angel, maybe that’s why I like snorkeling—floating weightlessly above another world, loving it, yet from a foreign consciousness.

The warm tropical sun gently kisses my back while the ocean water, calm and warm in the protected bay, holds me safely in her arms.

Then, if I’m lucky, I find the shallow spot where the sea grass grows and the sea turtle gently pulls it out with his beak and slowly chews. The slowness of the turtle merges with the tender movements of the mother water, to lull me into a liquid state of mind similar to that which the turtle inhabits.

Time is measured only by the need for short surfacing for air between long, languorous submersions. The turtles shell belies his openness. Ripples of his aura reach out and envelope me in his rhythm. I hover, gingerly undulating my flippers and arms, only to avoid drifting away. Maybe the feeling of being a turtle is why I like snorkeling.

My heart beats thank you to turtle and mother waters, for giving me a taste of heaven on earth.

--Terra Rafael

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