Monday, January 11, 2010

Eye of the Beholder

A new camera – and my eyes became amplified and focused on finding beauty to capture and share. Suddenly, everywhere I looked and everything I saw was beautiful in some way—the angles meeting; the light & shadow playing against each other; the colors contrasting or coordinating; the textures’ three dimensionality. Beauty was bursting forth before my eyes.

And in this same way, my spiritual practice also provides me with a special lens for beholding the world. God is everywhere I look. Each person and each creature, each plant and rock, each chair and electronic device, shines with an inner light that when seen through the Divine Eye.

This view can come through grace, as a reminder when I’ve temporarily forgotten to use my holy eye. With continuing remembrance, it develops into expansive gratitude and appreciation.

I celebrate the Light in me that beholds the Light in you! Namaste’.

--Terra Rafael

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