Saturday, January 9, 2010

It’s 2 AM and I feel like I fought my way across the desert tonight, with lances and large diamond studded hat pins.
I gave good for what I got, and I knew, as I emerged from this duel, the bacterial infection that has plagued me for over a week, was just now a fading memory. It was like an old life as an Araby soldier for some Sheikh had just relinquished its karmic hold on me.
I thought of the massage I had done with my son last week, freshly returned on break from Kabul, one of those desert countries we eye for oil and power.
Did I inadvertently take something on that freed him up to return and finish out the last of his agreement.
I think I’ll advise a few dips in the sea when he returns for good in six months, before I touch him like that. I can call on the Mother Ocean to cleanse the desert animosities out of his soul and not make them mine.

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