Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prema's Famous Bunny Cake

Prema’s Famous Bunny Cake

I started making this cake so many years ago, when my children were little, that it has become a family tradition every Easter dinner. Now, I cannot get away without making it. Since so many others have partaken of its delectable goodness over time, it has become quite famous in certain circles.

I start preparing the evening before Easter with mixing oodles of melted chocolate into a huge bowl of cake batter. I make several cakes, actually. Since I am not one to stick to a recipe, it is always somewhat of an improvisation. The morning after it has been baked and cooled, I cut it into the necessary shapes and start building this three dimensional bunny on my serving platter. Three half round pans make up the body. They are all side by side, stuck together by perfectly whipped whip cream. Then I cut out two smaller quarter rounds for the head, one little one for the tail, two haunches and back legs, and two ears. The whip cream glue is the perfect medium for holding it all together. I may need a couple of toothpicks to hold the ears somewhat erect. Then I slather the whipped cream over the whole form. Then comes the fun part of sprinkling and, in some side places, throwing shredded coconut over it all. It is a furry bunny, after all. The final touch is a chocolate covered almond for the nose and two pink Sunspire candied peanuts for the eyes. I clean up the platter and place strawberries and foil wrapped chocolate eggs around the whole sculpture. It is truly magnificent, if I say so myself.

Of course, some years it turns out better than others. There are always bits and pieces of cake that got cut away in order to create the form. Dipping them in extra whipped cream is part of the ritual. Now I get to pass on this Easter dinner staple to my grandchildren. Maybe, someday, they will learn to make it.

Prema Rose

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