Monday, May 18, 2009

Comfort Soup

Soup is my cool weather comfort food. As a child, soup came in a white and red labeled can. At that time, my favorite was cream of tomato. Stirring the white milk into the red glob that fell out of the can would set my mouth to watering. A grilled cheese sandwich on the side with its toasty, buttery crusts and slowly dripping melted cheese center was the perfect complement.

I still indulge in soup. My soups are mostly home made now, with the help of packaged organic chicken broth or canned tomatoes. It could be a chicken noodle soup with plenty of veggies or minestrone with chunks of organic sausage bobbing in the tomato broth. Or maybe a red lentil dal or chicken and andouille gumbo. All of the flavors of the world can be comforting when served as a bowl of soup.

It was delightful to find out that my love for soup as a soother is supported by Ayurvedic medicine as well. Soup with plenty of fat, oil or butter can calm a spinning, overwhelmed mind or grieving heart , and renew a depleted body.

--Terra Rafael

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