Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Old Stone Well

I see the old stone ahead and immediately recognize her. I allow all the memories to flood back into my being of the day I first found her. It’s been so long, so, so long. Like today, it was a cool and sunny day, invigorating. I was in love, for the first time, and we were walking hand in hand through the forest. The newness of each moment, the sheer delight to be with someone, hearts sharing the smallest of discoveries, as if everything was special and new, made just for us. And then we stumbled upon the old stone well. Our first steps led us up to the side with an inscription barely recognizable, carved eons ago, “To Thine Own Self Be True.” We took it as a sign we’d be together forever, that our innocent eyes would find such beautiful words in the middle of the woods.

Today I pause as I approach. The years flash before me since the only other time I happened upon her. Her? Why do I say her? As I approach slowly and peer into her depths I see the deepening, bottomless-looking, clear water and relax. I remember all those years ago, how we tried to find something to take a drink, thinking it to be like a magic potion that would bless our new union and keep us together.

Today it’s as though I know from somewhere in my being exactly where a stone cup is hidden in her side. Today I will drink. A rope tucked within revels the way to her depths.

Her depths... her waters... this feminine presence opens to let me dip my cup. It’s the most natural thing in the world, accessible now as it was not when I was younger.

The pure water comes up to my lips. I sip. Knowing beauty is found in many places but today it slides inside and a deep smile ensues as I know HER.


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