Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Black Tea

I drank coffee for the first part of my life, until I began to feel the effects to my stomach. I’ll never forget my first black tea. It was Earl Grey. My husband and I, with 2 friends, rode our bicycles to Longmont one day. We used to ride all over the county, usually treating ourselves to brunch in one of the outlying towns. My friend, Rebecca said, “Why don’t you try Earl Grey tea?” And that was that, I’ve been a tea drinker every since.
A friend in Florida had very special black teas her son would order for her from the Internet. Being introduced to these teas expanded my horizons even more.
My Virgo tummy has had a rule, no caffeine until after food. I never thought I could take it on an empty stomach. I use to try green tea on an empty stomach, but would usually throw it up. One doctor said, maybe its too astringent for you. Things change.
Now, in the past year I’ve started having my tea first. Its become a ritual, I hear it calling me. It gets me out of bed, sometimes earlier than I would like. To prepare tea and write has become a stimulating combination.
A writing peer has brought Red Rose Tea into our lives. Its from Canada and can only be bought in the states near there. A box of one hundred bags is less than four dollars. Plus, there’s a prize in the box. Mine was a ceramic turtle. The tea is so smooth. It’s a challenge to stop with one cup. But, if I am to keep this habit going, I must. My bladder is saying I have to, or get use to dribbling pee at inopportune times. My mind would love several cups a day. Just another habit grabbing my attention.

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