Thursday, May 7, 2009

enter the “dream” kitchen .....

I walk through the heavily scented English garden towards the Dutch door of my kitchen. Opening it I am thrilled with my creation. The cabinets of white painted doors with clear glass panes that frame my eclectic gathering of plates, bowls and cups. The polished granite tops softly gleam. The windows look out onto the trees and gardens while allowing the sun to stream through. The ruffled yellow gingham curtains sway gently in the breeze. When I am in this space, my dream kitchen, all is right in the world.

The red enameled teapot is vibrating, about to whistle its readiness. My own excitement builds. I move towards the sink and gently let the greens tumble from my basket into cool water. Why anyone would spray dandelions to death is beyond me. These young greens were gathered with a song in my throat and love in my heart. I will gently steam them and then drain the liquid, which, once cooled I will offer to my house plants. I plan to sauté these dainty greens in a wee bit of butter for a few minutes and them sprinkle them lightly with tamari and pepper.

Every cell in my body is ready to receive this nourishment which each innately remembers. I celebrate the wildness of dandelion greens and spring nettles. If you are what you eat, then I will be wild and grow where I choose.

* annette.

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