Thursday, May 28, 2009

A White Cowboy Hat

One week ago today I got up in the morning, took a shower, got dressed and drove to the airport. I had worked long hard hours to get my schedule clear so that I could spend time with you. Who knows? I had thrown my white cowboy hat in the back seat yesterday so that I wouldn’t forget it. I was wearing it in the only picture that you have seen of me. And I have one tiny picture of you in a tightly buttoned grey shirt. But today you said that you would be wearing a green shirt as you traveled across the country.

At the airport I pulled out my notebook as I waited for your plane to land and jotted down ideas and observations:

I am wearing my old white cowboy hat so that a man I have yet to meet ~ will recognize me. I feel amazing calm. Months of written conversations and talking on the phone nearly every night….. waiting and wondering …. what’s next? Goddess only knows!

Airports are great for people watching. Sometimes the folks waiting and the passenger arriving look so much alike that even I could match them up. Watching a persons face light up as they recognize their loved ones, followed by hugs and kisses. The look of others as they desperately search the waiting crowd for a friendly face. I wonder what face I have worn in the past. I wonder what I look like today?

Uh Oh! The airport greeter, the woman standing at the top of stairs to answer questions and keep people moving, is wearing a White Cowboy Hat! There are several guys in black cowboy hats, that won’t confuse my long awaited traveler .... but Miss Congeniality, that might do it. I wander up to the dividing barricade and get her attention as the last batches of incoming passengers are absorbed into the awaiting crowd. I look at her with mock seriousness and tell her that I am a little worried. “Oh” she says with warm concern, “what are you worried about? I will try and help you.” she says sweetly.

“Well, I have a situation. I am picking up a fellow here today that I have never met in person. He's wearing a green shirt. I know his voice but I am not at all certain that I will recognize him, and he is looking for a woman in a white cowboy hat. Now I am worried that he is going to see you first and ……..“ I scrunched up my shoulders and placed a question mark on my face.

She looks at the grin on my face and senses the lightness of this conversation. Smiling, she leans towards me and nearly whispers, “You should be worried. If a nice looking young man approaches me first, attracted by my cowboy hat, I don’t care what color shirt he’s wearing, I am so out of here ~ and I’m taking him with me!” Our eyes meet and acknowledge my humorous predicament.

I notice that the gentleman to my left, with his forearms leaning on the barricade, is intently watching the unmoving floor tiles in front of him, but his shoulders are shaking with silent laughter as he leans towards the two of us so as not to miss a word. “Okay then, I guess I had better pay close attention.” I laugh softly as I begin to move away, “I’m going to be watching you!”

“Good luck” she waves at me as she heads back to her station; we both are wearing silly grins with our white hats. I had just checked the Arrival Board before my conversation with Mrs. Congeniality, and it indicated that the plane I am waiting for is ‘In the Area’ but not on the ground. Humm, it seems that his plane is going to be late. I look down and rummage through my cowgirl handbag for my cell phone to check the time…..again.

I feel someone standing in front of me. I look up and there he is, smiling. He found me.

You are finally here. Bless the Goddess!

* annette.

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