Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free Form Bio

I am a smeller of flowers. Their scents come to me even when their physical presence is not available.
I am a reader of books, someone who likes to be taken on journeys to past or future worlds and inside the mental fire of another’s use of language.
I am a lover of nature, one who lays her heart on the earth to give and receive energy from the Earth Mother.
I am a holder of humanity, cupping people’s lives and evolution, like one would hold a precious newborn pup.
I am a gazer of stars, peering far off into the heavens to divine the language I read there.
I am a catcher of souls who are coming in to this time frame, looking for a landing zone. Sometimes through birth, sometimes through love and friendship, I’ve caught them and brought them to a solid landing sight.
I am a keeper of stories, creating a nest of interest and inspiration to house them.
I am a listener of problems, dissolving those I can before they fester and grow, soothing the healing balm of hope onto those more stubborn ones.
I am a steward for the earth, holding her interests as my own, staying steadfast through mists of change.

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