Monday, June 1, 2009


The hot spring pool was peaceful right now. Other times it's raucous with laughter or rolling with political discussion. But this was a quiet moment, empty of people except for my beloved and me. We merged into the silence of mountain meadow and trees. A benign, juvenile bull snake sniffed the air from under his rock on the shore, wiggling his tongue to taste for the scent of stray spiders or worms to satisfy his seemingly insatiable appetite.

As I lounged, the warm water and sun joined to envelope me in a welcoming womb. I was lulled, in a voluptuous gestation. This amniotic world clothed my submerged, bare skin with uncountable numbers of tiny bubbles, as though I were studded with glass beads. The tiniest of rainbows spilled from the co-mingling of light with water and gas. This delicate aura scintillated and titillated my senses.

My feet lazily danced with some long velvety moss fronds, which languorously swayed from the sides of some larger boulders. I noticed new gas bubbles were being released from the pebbled bottom of the pool. Some stroked my leg along their way as they surfaced. Mmmmm. I liked that feeling. I waited for more. Bubbles gently tickled their way up my calf. They skirted along the skin of my thighs. They softly bumped against my labia. Others circled the curves of my breasts as they moved upward, inexorably upward. After awhile, my nervous system was fully awakened by these bubble caresses. Mmmmm. I liked that feeling.

--by Terra Rafael

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