Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Robin's Lesson

Glorious day. Lying in bed it seems like the little bird outside my window is confirming all my happy thoughts for this day. I formulate an idea and she chirps happily. I am thrilled that we concur on this day’s promise. Pulling on my old sweats against the chill of the morning, I check my email and there is a new one. Ya Hoo!! That’s the reason I looked first thing in the morning, isn’t it? Yes. I promise myself to stay open, honest, curious, willing to communicate, ready for whatever happens next. Really? Easier said than done. I write him back and hit the send button. In a few days he will be here and I still have so many things to do … like polish my toenails.

I put water on for coffee and go outside to feed the horses. It is a slendiferous morning! The sky is soft blue; the color deepening as it touches the tops of the snow covered mountain peaks. I look again and there is a spot of red in the sky. A hot air balloon is riding the air waves under thin wispy clouds. My horse gently knickers at me to get a move on. She cares not for the clouds, or the sky or the hot air balloon, she wants breakfast. “That’s why I’m here” I tell her as I crawl through the fence and greet her soft eye. “Your wish is my command, and I hope you are as willing later in the day when we saddle up for a jog around the loop!”

Horses fed, the evening meals ration laid aside, I stroll out and bury my face in the lilac blossoms. Wet with dew, they please all the senses. I glance at the garden that I finally got planted yesterday. It is full of promise, brown crumbly earth free of weeds, tipi’s in place ready to support the pole beans and snow peas. As I walk to the house ready for a warm brew, I paused to soak in the stillness. A fat robin flies right by me and lands on the patio. He drinks from a small pool left by last night’s watering. Then he runs across the concrete into the grass. Wondering if he can hear a worm, I watch him cruise over to a patch of dried grass and begin sorting through today’s offering. Without turning my head I notice another plumb little robin land high up on the gutter. Her skinny little legs carry her quickly across the shingles until she stands at the edge of the roof looking down as her partner shops for building materials. Finished, he flies a graceful arc around the corner of the house and heads toward the large pine tree in the font yard. She parallels his flight and, although I can no longer see them in the thick branches, I hear them discussing the home improvement project. I am sure, with her help, he will do a fine job.
They have it all figured out. Work with what you have. Help one another. Spread joy. Sing when possible.

* annette

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