Sunday, May 24, 2009


Chocolate! What is a day without it? I have had a love affair with chocolate ever since I can remember. Maybe it started with the candy dish that was inevitably placed on the coffee table in both my grandparent's and my parent's living room. The very thin "Thin Mints" came in square paper pockets. They were arranged in a circular fan so that, if I snuck one, I had to rearrange them so that you couldn't tell that one was missing. Ah yes, guilt crept int my consciousness. The dish with the assorted chocolates filled with mysterious centers, chewy caramels, fruity cremes, or various nuts, allowed me a playful indulgence. I woiuld not stop eating them until I found the one that I really liked. Then I was honor bound, to myself, to resist having another.

Later, in boarding school, I worked in the little store that was only open for an hour or so right after classes I was a slave to temptation and would buy (with vouchers) an assortment of candy bars to get me through the evening. I loved Mounds and Hershey's with Almonds, Snickers bars and Butterfingers. If it wasn't chocolate, I wasn't very interested, although you could twist my arm to eat just about anything sweet.

As time went on, I got my fixes in a variety of ways. I even swore off the habit several times.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I was in the grocery store and there was a sale on ChocoLove bars. I bought two. Then one of my children brought me a bar and then another brought me four. I am swimming in chocolate! Life is good.

Prema Rose

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