Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Blessings

The Grace that I am receiving
Is all that I’ve asked for.
The Faith that tests believing
Has opened up the door.

To walk into the Unknown,
Yet knowing all the same,
That in this I am being shown
That it’s a sacred game.

The rules are really easy,
But try it and you’ll find,
That, though it may sound cheesy,
It’s all within your mind.

Hold fast unto your vision,
Through all the doubt and fear,
You may be in collision
With thoughts that are less clear.

There is a higher power
That’s pulling all the strings.
It’s often sweet and sour,
The lessons that it brings.

This power lies within your heart,
It’s force is that of Love.
It’s always been there from the start,
It is your treasure trove.

It brings your Heart’s desire
When all seems lost and dead,
It fuels the white hot fire
That’s burning in your head.

Surrender now and yet again,
‘Till thinking is no more,
The Blessings come as does the rain
To fertilize your core.

Prema Rose

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