Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Writer...

A writer is brave. Not in the outward, manly, sense of the word but in a quiet, deep and persistent way. To face the blank page, place your words, thoughts, and musings on its starkness and than share it, is just flat out couragous. Each one of us runs around living in our own version of the universe. Our self, our vehicles, and then a few of us write about what it looks like out there. Or how it feels in here to be interacting with out there. It’s all so subjective yet something makes us pick up the pen, or computer, and reflect, pour out or wonder in words. Maybe our little view might actually connect to someone else’s. Maybe it’s because we often see in to ourselves in a new way by the practice. There is so much to stop you. Excuses can roll in by the truckload. Yet something keeps you slipping by those obstacles to find a way, day by day, to say something. It doesn’t always look like what you think you are about to explore. I have been surprised many times by what emerges. An honesty or truth is often waiting just beneath the surface and the pen breaks through, like a whale lifting out of the sea. At first you think he’s too big to be jutting up out of the water, then you just appreciate the awe, beauty and magic of the moment. Writing can do this. It keeps me coming back. The writer is an adventurer and discoverer, of herself and the world around her. It takes courage to wonder and notice what will emerge in words.


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