Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Would Like...

I Would Like…

I would like to see our government members and the CEO’s of companies be willing to forego their lavish, power-over life styles, to live a simple life like most people.

What comes to mind is the last episode of a summer TV series called The Philanthropist. In this last episode, the main character invites all his wealthy friends to dinner. Some are heads of state, some are actors, some governmental officials. All have millions at their disposal.

Before the meal begins, they all mix and mingle, jewels glittering from neck and wrists, dressed like peacocks, male and female.

At the U-shaped banquet table, with everyone seated, the host tells them about the meal they have donated tens of thousands of dollars to enjoy. As he speaks, waitstaff place , in front of each guest, a small bowl of white rice. There are no garnishes. Only rice. There is a fork or chopsticks at each place setting.

As it dawns on each guest, their faces reflect the surprise, outrage, and defiance at what their power and generosity have netted them for this day’s supper.

Their host continues. He tells them that this is what millions sit down to every day around the world, this one small bowl of rice.

He asks them to consider, from their place of wealth and power, doing something for the world that has given them all that they have.

I would like to see this actually happen and hope they would step up and follow through.