Friday, September 18, 2009

On My Daughter's Farm

I've been here a week now putting the farm to bed for winter. Yesterday we cleaned out the shop. Cleaning the shop on a lavender farm is a little different from ordinary chores of this nature. Our work consists of sweeping up piles of lavender, or perhaps I should say, clouds of lavender. Even the cobwebs in the shop have little flowers of lavender caught in them. Using the shop vac is a sweet chore as the fragrance of lavender over powers the roar. I take the drying racks out to lean against the big old maple tree knocking errant lavender buds that have attached themselves to the screening. I turn to watch my daughter as she takes down the dried bundles of tied lavender from the rafters carefully laying them in long white bins with tissue paper separating the layers.
As I walk into the store room a purple haze greets my lavender smile.

We are joking and laughing as we work all day together. In the late afternoon we uncork a bottle of wine from the vineyard just over the ridge and sip while we sit watching the flaming sun slip over the coast mountains. A good day all in all.


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