Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Angel

My Angel

I had been quite sick for a while with a debilitating case of eczema. The rash covered my entire body and the pain of moving dissuaded me from budging from my bed. As a matter of fact, even the slightest turn of my body, in any direction, became an unbearable episode of burning and itching. I found that the best thing I could do was to do absolutely nothing.

Relegated to my back, so that the sheets would not rub against me, I remained in my solitude.

These times of stressful events in my life had put me over the top of what I could withstand and, perhaps, this nothingness was all I could and needed to absorb.
I drifted off into a waking dream.

I was being held and lifted up in the complete embrace of a golden angel. His wings gently enfolded me in golden protection. His arms were strong and could bear the weight of my relaxed body. I couldn’t clearly make out the features of his face but his well configured naked body was covered in a golden fuzz, soft like peach fuzz.
Permeating the atmosphere, an incredible and indescribable sweet aroma pervaded all my senses.

I wanted, even longed, to merge with him fully. I wanted him to penetrate me, so that I would be saturated with this Love. This Love engulfed me in every cell of my Being, holding me in unspeakable Joy.

After I had come back to my bed, my sheets, and my room, I was embarrassed by my longing to make love with this Heavenly apparition. The smell of the Amrit was very noticeably present for about an hour after. I had the strength to get up and sit at my Puja table to be in prayer and gratitude for the presence of my Angel.

A couple of years later, I was in a stationary store looking at some greeting cards painted by Sandra Bierman. To my astonishment, she had painted my experience exactly! The only difference was that the face was fully recognizable. This was the face that I have seen several times before when I have had similar experiences. I wrote her to tell her of my vision and to find out where the original of that painting is. I have the card posted by my bed. My Angel is always near me. Occasionally, I will get a waft of that unmistakable smell of Amrit.

Prema Rose

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