Thursday, September 3, 2009


Have you ever had a new person come to your house and you wonder what they will think? You suddenly see everything you have always loved through their eyes. It is a discomforting sensation, especially if suddenly your beloved sanctuary looses a little of its former luster. “Don’t go there” I tell myself. The carpet may be a little worn but the roof shingles are in great shape. I plumb the pillows, put away the dishes and dead head my sweet petunias; everything will be fine. It is not just about “making do” ~ although right now that is skill in and of itself ~ it is about loving and honoring what you have.

Recently my son and I took a trip back to Missouri and I packed my old cloth bag …. it has a duffle bag kind of shape, but it is an old fashioned looking flower print on a grey-blue background. I always called it my carpet bag. I would buy another if I ever saw one, but I have had this one so many years I have no idea where I bought it. I like the shape, the size, love the muted colors, and even though I had to sew the leather handles back onto the bag, it is comfortable to carry and can fit over my shoulder.

“Geez, Mom” my son said as we stood in line to board the plane, “that thing looks like it is a million years old. Its time for a new one.” It was then that I noticed that I had even repaired the rolled leather handle with grey shiny duct tape ~ and, for a moment, it DID look kind of shabby in my eyes.

“This bag and I have traveled many places, she carries lots of memories in here, as well as my cloths and I still love this bag.” I smiled up at him and shrugged. I caught the woman behind me smiling as she listened. She couldn’t help herself; she leaned forward and whispered, “I think that new pink duct tape would look pretty on the handles.” We smiled at each other and I could tell that she understood my nostalgia.

I was once with a man who seriously thought that he was perfect. I am being totally honest with you here; he stated as much on several occasions. Unfortunately love is blind, and in that long ago moment I agreed with him, which cemented the idea in his pea sized brain ~ god bless him. As history unfolded, it became apparent that he was far from perfect, but that is another story.

My sweat pants fit perfectly. They are the old design with a cuff at the ankles, just the way I like them. And after a couple of days they are baggy at the knees and saggy in the butt ~ perfect.

* annette

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