Thursday, September 10, 2009


My pick-up runs great. I had the brakes checked, and a general overhaul before I took my horse up into the mountains camping. The mechanic called me and said he couldn’t find anything to fix. She has rust along the running board that I plan to fix just as soon as I left-over-money one month, but she can get us up and down the mountain safely. Perfect.

The flowing red and black color stripes that run down the side of my horse trailer are peeling up around the edges. They were added when she was brand new, allowing the trailer to match the truck. I tried to take one off, but it did not come off easily and I decided it still looked better on. When we were camping the wind came up one night, and I lay in my bed inside the trailer and listened to rain drops splatter all around me. I snuggled into my down comforter and thanked god that I was up off the ground and not in a tent. Perfect.

On Monday night, July 20th, about 10:30 PM, my little car and I were driving home from the airport. The sky opened up and threw hundreds of large hailstones at us; battering the holy crap out of my poor little Idgey. She, like me, is not perfect. Several years ago the LCD read-out on the radio faded away forever and I no longer know what station I am listening to … until they tell me … and they always do. I can no longer use the lighter plug to charge up my cell phone because it shorts out my blind radio, but I prepare ahead. However, for sixteen and a half years this car and I have run a real estate appraisal business ~ she is my “office on wheels”. Her metallic light green body is now covered with tiny craters and the storm knocked the Honda insignia off both the hood and the trunk! What to do? I cried for two days.

Good news ~~ bad news:
I had just put in a new starter, first one is 16 years, and replaced the front brakes ~ bad news?
Her interior still looks great and she cleans up nicely ~ good news.
She looks like a mint green golf ball ~ sad news.
She still gets over forty miles per gallon ~ ~ perfect!

So, I talked with the insurance company and even though I did have several second thoughts …. I called the glass company and replaced the windshield which was ruined ~ cracked in three places. I thought about changing her name to “Dimple” but I decided not to. Her name is Idgey. We are both older, we have a few dings and dimples, we both climb the mountain a little slower than before, but we still basically function in the manner in which we were designed.

Perfection? Like Beauty, it is in the eyes of the beholder.
Love and Honor, on the other hand, is a sincere and perfect gift.

* annette

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