Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bubble

The Bubble

Within this bubble that encapsulates
The whole of my known existence,
In all its forms, relationships, and colors,
There for me to ponder,
Are the limits of my own perceptions.

But, what a wondrous bubble it is!
It expands and contracts.
It encompasses the vastness of universes.
In times of pain, it becomes as small
As my immediate care.

And even more,
This bubble has a permeable membrane
That allows the nectar of the unknown
To seep into the spaces that enfold me,
Bringing me my questions and awareness.

I feel secure and safe
Within this bubble of my making.
What if it were to pop
And all I thought I was were to
Dissolve into the Nothingness?

What would be the I
Of the concept that I am?
Is the Presence of that Consciousness
Eternal and forever?
No more a bubble of exclusiveness.

Prema Rose

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