Friday, September 11, 2009

A Story

I heard once a long time ago about a people in Africa that touched my soul. I was told that there was group of people who kept themselves apart from the cities and the colonization of that part of Africa. They were known to be beautiful, happy and healthy. And, they were admired and envied by all the villages around.

This is what I heard. When these humans went out they would run or walk single file in rhythm with their breath and with one another. They moved across the land in unison as one single vibration. Sometimes they would sing beautiful songs as they went along. When they met lions or elephants or ants or impala they nodded greetings to these beings who shared the planet with them. There was an easy harmony among all beings in the area even the grasses, trees and plants were happy. They all sustained each other honoring the circle of life.

What those people had been taught from an early age and what they did intuitively and collectively was to exchange their energy with the earth and all beings on it. They knew that with each footprint on the ground they were blessing the great mother earth and she was giving them a blessing in return with her graceful presence. When they did it consciously the blessing became stronger more concentrated and highly activated. It enhanced the lives of the people, the wild life the plant kingdom. These people knew they were life giving beings and knew how to receive life in return.

I love this story. It teaches me that we are co-creators on this beautiful earth. I like the idea of walking in grace this way. When I go for a walk in this frame of mind I feel and sometimes think I see these people leading the way for me.


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