Saturday, September 19, 2009

Painting my Toenails in my 60’s

Painting my toenails in my mid 60’s is not as easy as it used to be. I gather my glasses, polish remover, paper towels or cotton balls, and the polish.
The polish was always light magenta. But ever since my daughter-in-law graciously offered to paint my toenails her color, a deep wine red, on a visit a month ago, I’ve liked that color better. Yet today I’m back to the magenta.
I find a place of light on the patio. No good. I can hardly see the outline of the nail, with my glasses on, bent over as far as I can go.
I see the sun shining on one edge of the area, move my chair, brace my foot against the concrete block that forms a lattice-type separation between the patio and the garden, and I ready to paint.
After a few minutes and a few toenails, I take stock. Unfortunately, it’s not just my eyes. My hand isn’t as accurate in finding the edges and so my toenails begin to resemble a five year olds attempt at painting her toes.
Do I need a professional pedicure? No. Do I need help with this? Yes, but for the moment, with a paper towel and the remover, I’m able to clean up my painting job.
I’m already planning a trip to see my son and his family in ten days. Maybe my daughter-in-law will feel generous again, and I can continue for a while longer to have painted toes.

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sonya said...

she talked me into getting red nails too! they actually looked great. i always choose purple and white. i like the contrast of the white against the skin and it's so thick it stays on forever... i can't afford pedicures, and the pedicure ladies creep me out. when i went in virgina the lady kept telling me in her broken english that my eyebrows were too thick!