Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Life

Often its in the carrying of so called ‘burdens’
we grow the most
stretching ourselves into spaces
we hadn’t imagined
being changed by the ‘thing’
we wanted to rid ourselves of
in the working of its weight
we meet each day
finding a way around its ‘inconvenience’
and inconceivable presence

often we are being ‘sculpted’
as hands push and prod
parts and past what we thought
we thought we needed
removed by unseen hands
a vision of eyes
we might only glimpse
to trust that
if its here… it is serving
if its here…it is perfect
in its heaviness

what it requires
is our presence
our release of thoughts
about what it is
embracing ourselves
and all of ourselves
being kind
and seeing with new eyes
the beauty in this
our life


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