Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Believe

I believe in One – eternal Source,
unmanifest Consciousness,
Who CONCEIVES of all things, made & unmade,
Who I name the Father so that I might speak of Him

And I believe in She who Manifests and Is the Manifestation of All,
the Material Matter,
the Mother from Whom and in Whom all exists.
CREATING as joyful expression of her Love for and oneness with the Father,
She gives Birth, Life, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth to all Beings

And I believe in the Holy Child,
Human Being,
incarnated as the child of both Consciousness & Matter,
capable of the Highest Manifestation of Both in this world,
Exemplified by Teachers, Saints and Avatars of All Peoples,
Who, with Free Will, CHOOSE in the Holy Moment to go beyond habitual patterns
To shine forth with the Light of Divine Consciousness,
while enjoying the Gifts and Challenges of the Flesh.

- Terra Rafael

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