Sunday, April 12, 2009



Tonight is the vigil. This is the night when the Resurrection is in the process of manifesting. Whether or not the story is to be taken literally does not matter. What does matter is the power of sacrifice to fulfill that which is. In the complete surrender of individual will, as Jesus did when he asked that this cup be taken away, but “Not my will be done, but Thine”, is there a taste of freedom from attachments, even to the body. Even so, to walk the path is so different from theorizing about it.

These last few days, my contemplation of what it was for the realization of what had to be done to really sink in and the events of the time playing out in each moment, has the enormity of the sacrifice reached another level of understanding in my awareness. I am so deeply moved by what it takes to fully wake up to our own empowerment and the surrender involved.

Many people throughout the ages have come to this understanding and have made enormous sacrifices. This exemplifies the work that must be followed through a comprehension of certain universal laws. By our study into the Law of Octaves, we can begin to see how a progression of forces manifests in the movement of actualization. In order to complete the evolving cycle, the moment comes to surrender each attachment.

For me, I have been working to release every attempt of my mind to conjecture about the outcome or justify the changes that are taking place within my life story. I am trying to hold a space of allowing so that the greater will is unhindered by my mental machinations. At the same time, I see the moment of taking responsibility to manifest the highest ideal for the good of all, is now. I must stand in the full power to choose. If I truly walk my talk, I create the now, now. I am committed.

These are the thoughts that come as I write in this moment of the vigil. It is the vigil of my own soul being resurrected from the tomb of my desires for certain outcomes. But who is to say that those outcomes are not exactly what is to be. It is therefore essential to hold the vision and at the same time to release it.

I am grateful for this celebration of the triumph of life over death, Light over darkness. Through this action, we can know our immortality. But it takes our constant vigilance.

Prema Rose

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