Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just So

Trust….so easy when waters are flowing just so.

It’s when they get too high or low,

my mind finds worry

in all I don’t know.

Let them rage, let them fall,

to remind where I put a wall.

Now I stretch,

to extend past limits.

The old banks complain,

with much disdain.

The old banks give way,

to breath a little deeper this day.

At first, as water’s rise,

I’m so sure of near demise.

But somehow the water's course

allows release of remorse.

Dissolution of limits past,

I ride free for as long as it lasts.

Then low waters slow me down,

to surface things I’d buried deep.

I’d kept so busy to not look too close,

as muck and mud began to creep.

With simple love and attention

came understanding and a need to mention

A quiet loving hand

brought me to a new stand.

So wherever you may go

you bring the love you know.

So now when waters ride high or low,

I imagine it is really just so.


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