Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Letter To My Child-Self

Patty, I know how sweet and innocent you are at this age (four years old), and yet I know how deeply you see into the people around you. I also know that you feel that the things you see are denied, that people say it isn’t true, and you wonder why you see these things.
I understand your confusion. I want to tell you to keep your eyes and heart open. The things you see are true. The people you are around can’t see in themselves what you see there. You are seeing people’s blind side, the part of all of us that isn’t visible to us. You see those parts of others and if you address them directly, they will be denied.
I want you to know that in your later years these insights will benefit you. You will help other people open to the parts of themselves that they don’t see and can then work with.
I would advise you not to let these experiences go into confusions. You will find your way, and the things that worry you now about yourself, become your greatest skills.
I love you and send you a hug from the future and I will lovingly accompany you as you grow through your childhood.
I will write again when you are a little older and we can speak of other things.
Your future self,
Jyoti (formerly, Patty)

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