Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am ready for rain. I am ready for humidity, moisturizing, softening, lushness of thought and spirit. I love the little yard at my new house. In the summer the lawn is an oasis, magnificently green and lush under the large old trees. I have a well that sprinkles my lawn and gardens in dry times and I adore walking across it and feeling the grass tickling my feet ~ the ridges of the compact soil underneath knead out the sore spots with soft persistence.

I am ready to hear the rain on the metal pole barn roof. A simple structure but so versatile. The rain will start out gently and softly and I will relax back into the straw. The horse’s ears twitch, attentive. A sudden gust of wind brings a hard smattering of rain drops. I bless the goddess but the horses will run out into the rain, where all of their senses are alert for signs of danger.

I understand their reasons but I will leave them to their own games.

I remember playing in the rain, it was a refreshing break from the mid summer Missouri heat. My mother warns us all to stay out of the mud ~ but who can resist cold mud squishing between our toes ~ sucking on the bottom of our little feet with every step. Mud is good, a marvelous product of rain. I must try and remember that this spring as my parking lot turns to mud ~ remember the JOY.

I close my eyes and suddenly see the rainbow. I love it when the sun shines and the rail falls and goddess’s promise arch’s through the sky ~ a multi-colored canopy of beauty and JOY!

* annette

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