Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prose - Zachary's Disappearance

All the while I was working in my little office with a client, in the front of my house, my two-year old grandson disappeared from my daughter at the back of the house.

The two of them were in the backyard playing. Laura had to run in the house for a second to fill her water bottle. When she returned to the yard, Zachary was no where to be seen. He had pulled open the back gate, at the time a wire gate one could see through and was easily opened.

Laura looked up and down the alley, neighbors were out helping her. I was working, totally oblivious all this was going on.

Eventually, she went to Spruce Street, the next street over, and was combing the area, when she saw a policeman coming toward her with Zachary in tow. He was just getting ready to cross Twentieth Street, a main artery, one block from the red light, when the policeman spotted him. Zachary said he was on his way to Oklahoma, looking for his Dad in the milk truck. It was actually a U-haul truck he had driven to Oklahoma, moving all their belongings.

I was stunned I had missed this significant and traumatic episode. How could this little darling be so courageous and intent on finding his Dad, when it was usually upsetting for him to be without his Mom. He was so use to them being a unit together. I was driving with the two of them days later in their car, eastward.

Before we left for Oklahoma, a healer friend came into my house who had psychic sight. She took one look at my grandson who was looking down at us from the loft.

“Oh my god”, she says, “there is a huge angel hovering above him.” She went on to describe the largeness of this being. It all made more sense why he was so safe. He’s always drawn in angelic love, he puts it out and he draws it in. And I find it interesting, he has Venus in Taurus at his mid-heaven in his astrological chart. Are these all the same energies, watching over and protecting him? Zachary has just turned fifteen, even as a teenager, these energies are still a great part of who he is.

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