Wednesday, April 15, 2009


You gave me a candle, lit.
I did what everyone was doing,
what I saw, was taught and what I learned.
To build walls, upon walls
calling them all kinds of names, justifications, separations.
After all you have to protect that light…that small precious candlelight.
Taller, tougher, thicker walls…walls within walls…but, eventually
all walls fall, you know that…all must come down.

They restrict movement, dull illumination, stop expansion, and inhibit vision. A maze of walls, so tall, one forgot why they created and entered into them. What were they protecting?
Ultimately we take them down, any way we can.
We pray them down, smash them down, therapy them down, honor them down, and if we are lucky we love them down. But just get them down, anyway we can.

That little light, candle flickering light, grows within, restless, calling out
“Why all the focus on the walls, the protections, the separation, the illusions? What about me?”

In the beginning there was only light. and you so excited…..bubbled your way out…pop…a tiny bubble of light hurling through the universes to pop, just for a moment into this one tiny world, with your candlelight. And then you forgot and built walls-for the fun or fear of it. But then you got tickled and started to remember and remember and re-member the light….that you are.


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