Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easily Impressed

I know I am easily impressed by movies. I come out of theaters wondering how I can go home to my small life when I’ve just been around the galaxy of ideas and concepts. How do I make sense of some of these ideas and use them as messages about where I am and where we are all going…because many times, for me, that’s what these movies are. Am I looking for signs where there aren’t any? Am I thinking the Universe is speaking to me from the silver screen? Why not? It speaks to me through animals, other people, winged creatures, babbling brooks, even clouds sometimes. I think that whatever medium is available, if I am aware or asking into it, I will get an answer.

I know they lock people up for this type of thinking. But hey, I’m an astrologer…I read the heavens. I look to the sky for answers, even though they show up on paper, in an astrology chart. I scan the cosmos for signs of life, for messages for my life and those of others. I think in symbols, and dream in real life. I take astrology to bed and eat it for breakfast, without letting it rule me. I have boundaries with it. Yet with the Universe, I am fair game. If I can hear it, I will listen. I am obedient on those dimensions. I have my ear out to hear the answers to the questions I pose. Am I always a receiver? No. My own agenda gets in the way sometimes. My own neuroses plague me with deafness, and my mind spins and whirls me around its own tornado activity. I free myself as soon as I can. And cock my ear once more to that voice that speaks through everything.


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