Friday, April 24, 2009

Squirrel Stew

At dinner I told Jim my plan to start trapping the squirrels around our house. Yesterday one tried to come in as I opened the door to let out my non-threatening dog. I have heard Asian immigrants refer to the red squirrel as ‘tree rats.’ They are rats all right.


Jim said he remembers me cooking squirrel up on Beaver Island. Says I fried it and that it was good. I don’t believe him. I can’t believe I would ever cook squirrel let alone serve it up for dinner. I ask him if I ate any. He can’t remember but he claims it was a long time ago. Must have been a really long time ago. Maybe that is when I became a veg.


I don’t know, he could be right. I could have been playing pioneer wife or something. He did used to hunt squirrel back in the day. People did do that. People like my mother would cook it up for dinner. Maybe one of the reasons we have an over-population of squirrels is because no one hunts them anymore.


Here’s my recipe for stewed squirrel


Trap three fat red squirrels and ring their necks

Put them in a pot with some celery, onion and garlic

Cook until they are all evaporated then throw away the juice and the pot.


If you don’t have a pot big enough then take them out to Lewisville to live with the prairie dogs.



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