Sunday, April 26, 2009



Heavens to Betsy!
Great balls of fire!
However you slice it,
The story is dire.

Away with clichés,
And all that’s been known,
This is a new day,
I await being shown.

An excitement arises,
In the core of my day.
Each moment brings freshness,
As old drifts away.

Can I meet a new life
Without any fear,
With courage and knowing
That all will be clear?

Will I walk with steadfastness,
On wobbly feet?
Will I stay in my trust,
That each challenge I’ll meet?

I don’t know the outcome
And that is all right.
I’ll pour forth my heart
In the Infinite Light.

Held in the Grace
Of whatever will be,
The freedom I asked for
Is coming to me.

Prema Rose

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