Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big Dump

The scene outside my windows, as I sit here to write, deserves accolades and expletives. After waiting all winter, it is finally here. The Big Dump!

The stillness is palpable, the movement continuous, the monochrome broken only by the dark greens and grey branches laden with huge white puffs pushing them downwards. Out of a white canopy, individuated millions of flakes make their journey, rushing to meet the ever increasing thickness blanketing all stationary objects. It must have reached a good fifteen or sixteen inches so far. The constant falling veers a little to the left and then to the right, or straight down, then all mixed up. Every once in a while, the weight on the branches cannot be sustained and with a swoosh and a resounding thump, a sheet of snow careens through space to join the piles on the earth. I do not tire of watching it.

Here, in my cozy warmth, I can observe to my heart’s content. But, I am being called out, out into the wetness and chill, out into the soft crispness. I want to capture some of this heavenly offering on my tongue. Besides, isn’t it time to bring in some more wood for the fire?

Prema Rose

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