Friday, November 7, 2008


Time is a poem without a line.

Time is a river of the seasons, marking beginnings and endings.

Time is the place where dams have held up life making a lake

A beautiful lake, a place to stop, slow down, look below the surface and dive deep.


Dive down to that cave at the bottom of the lake into the rich darkness

Follow your soul’s desire for the incredible longing.

For mother.

The source.


Dive deep past the fear. 

Life is the light in the deepness

Swim towards that light

Find the place where everything is vibrant with life.

Pure, clean, primal.

Go there and then further

Move past the light

Move until movement is no more

Feel the expansion.

No thought no language

Light , life

Time is the journey, the poem, the ancient endless map.

The treasure.

1 comment:

molly said...

I felt myself diving deep and could hear the water as I descended, could see the streams of light, "the life", around me. Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful.