Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maui Moment

Many years ago I was sitting in a living room that looked out over the pacific ocean from the little Island of Maui. I was awake early and no one else was around yet. I was drifting in my thoughts as only a young twenty-something can. I had just meditated and was enjoying the view and peace and simplicity of the moment before the activities of the day. I noticed some movement off in the distance. I kept watch as slowly an enormous group of something was coming closer and closer. As they began to come into a clear view I realized what I was watching. It was at least a hundred dolphins feeding, swimming, playing and jumping. It was one of those moments I will never forget as the sun's glittering light and a fairly large animal, able to lift itself fully out of the water to do a full flip in mid-air before falling gracefully back into the water, are meeting up in the morning rays. If felt like sheer joy to me. I could feel the power, grace and delight in me I imagined they had to be experiencing. I thought how amazing it might be to be one of those creatures, so in love with themselves and the element they live and swim in.

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