Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stress Moon Chocolate

I have been trying to gently push through it all day but here it is again. A little work coming in, bills to pay, an underlying unease that taints the beauty of this cold but sunny day. Here on this full moon eve, one week after a decisive win by the correct candidate finally, I should be celebrating. But I will tell you … not so much.

I woke up twice in the middle of the night. My room is filled with an eerie glow. On my way to the toilet I look out to the west. There, a very large round orange moon hangs over the mountains. Attended by adoring wispy clouds, she is splendid. I wish I could watch from my bed but she is too far north and I grow cold standing in front of the window.

My stomach is unsettled at lunch time. There are some problems with our new book and I know that all will be fine, but still ……

I attempted a load of laundry in the afternoon as I mentally prepared the next phase of a difficult appraisal I was working. And so, I poured the liquid detergent into the fabric softener barrel in the center of my washer. Ah, Geez! I had to pop off the little tub and stand there and rinse it clear as warm water runs into the machine.

As I climbed the stairs I visualized a wild and crazy experiment. In the kitchen I lined up an open jar of crunchy peanut butter, Hershey’s chocolate syrup and a small canister of raw pumpkin seeds. I forked a dollop of peanut butter in my mouth, leaned my head back and poured in a handful of seeds followed immediately with a squeeze of chocolate. I could barely chew; I was grinning from ear to ear. Excellent flavor, surprisingly like a Baby Ruth candy bar.

I am happy to report that the rest of my day has gone famously. I finished that appraisal and my laundry is folded and put away. The moon outside is breathtaking. I am thrilled with my ingenuity and decadence. I recommend stepping outside the box and into self reliance! Try it, you might like it! Keep the ingredients fresh folks, we’re gonna be fine.

Me and the moon ~ we’re full.

* annette

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