Monday, November 3, 2008

Musing- Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the Heart is - our generation learned that from the Wizard of Oz. It seems so intuitively true. I feel at home when I am in my heart, living from my heart. This usually means that I’m not feeling threatened. I am safe. My needs are provided for. I feel loved and respected for who I am.

As I have learned to connect more with my heart I’ve noticed that I can be at home in a wide variety of situations and relationships. The phrase we repeat at Unity Church seems possible- “Wherever I am, God is, and all is well.”

Then I run up against Homeland Security and the possibilities of torture. Could I still see Divinity while in the hands of expert torturers? Could all be well if my friends and family – or anyone- is threatened with this?

This dilemma is one which twists and turns my heartstrings. I firmly believe and experience Divinity in myself and others. Yet how does it work in the face of those who deny it so totally that they seek power and riches through degrading and stealing from other people and Mother Earth Herself?

Is even personally experienced spirituality the opiate of the people?

What of the story of a Tibetan Buddhist nun my friend met in India, who had been humiliated and raped by Chinese invaders yet maintained loving kindness. Could I do that? I don’t want to be tested in that way – and yet my own story of childhood sexual abuse was similar. My healing unraveled more slowly over time, allowing me to come to a place where I can feel my heart. I can have a home again in this world and feel safe enough to know that Home is where the Heart is.

--by Terra Rafael

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Molly said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I just read a story on Pulo Coelho's blog about god in the world. There was a Barber who complained that there couldnt be a God b/c of all of the suffering and acts of torture, etc. The customer just listened, in his heart knowing that there was a God. The customer walks outside and sees many unshaven long-haired people. He goes back into the Barber shope and says 'There is no such thing as a barber. There can't be. There are all of these long-haired unshaven people outside, so indeed no barber could exist." The Barber says, "No, but I do exist. I am sure of this. Those people do not come in to see me and be shaven or have their hair cut. It is their choice."
"AAAAAHHHHHH", says the customer, "And so it is with God. If those suffering and evil people would go and see God, they would want to be kinder to one another and there would be less suffering in the world. It is there choice."