Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fragmented Dreams

I remember that day when my grandmother went to the hospital for cataract surgery. I wanted to be there to support her, but I’m not sure she even knew I was there.

I was sitting on a hard bench in this small cubicle outside a part of the hospital on the street, somewhere in Manhattan. There was an open trellis behind the bench and another in front of me. I had just come from visiting a man that I was so infatuated with that, as I was saying goodbye to him, I had backed up into a table and knocked off a glass of water, much to my consternation. In this state of confusion and embarrassment, I tried to collect myself while I waited for my grandmother.

Suddenly, a blending of realities began to occur where, to my inner vision, scenes, almost forgotten, flashed on the screen of my mind in rapid succession. One after another presented itself so vividly and with such familiarity. Did I dream them or where they scenes from past lives? I tried to grasp one long enough to really see it, but it would be gone and another would be in my view. On and on it went. The veils were ripped away and I was in the ocean of the collective consciousness. This bombardment continued and I could not make it stop. It felt like they were memories, but from where?

I would have these episodes periodically. I could say that it was happening but I never could grasp one long enough to describe it.

One stands out that is so vivid that it is a core memory of another time. I am seeing the ramparts of a castle and from below, I see a young woman atop the parapets. It feels like the castle is besieged and I identify myself as the woman, although I see it from below.

These episodes would come over me for twenty minutes at a time. I could not make them start nor could I make them stop. They showed me other realms of consciousness that are just behind the veil,

Prema Rose

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